'A History of the British Nation' by AD Innes, 1912, published by TC & EC Jack, London

A History of the British Nation covers the Georgian period from the War of Spanish Succession and the first Jacobite Rebellion to the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. If you'd like more information, check out our main Georgian History guide.

18th century fashion
The First Jacobite Rebellion
The Triple Alliance
The Stanhope Ministry
The South Sea Bubble
Robert Walpole, the First Prime Minister
Walpole's Administration of Parliament
Walpole's Economic Policies
War of the Austrian Succession
The War of Jenkins Ear
The Fall of Robert Walpole
The Second Jacobite Rebellion
The British in India - Beginnings of Empire
Clive of India and the Siege of Arcot
The Pelham Ministry
Seven Years War - background
The Newcastle Ministry and the Seven Years War
Pitt and the Seven Years War
Pitt and the Seven Years War - 1757-1759
The Battle of Quebec 1759
The Black Hole of Calcutta
The Battle of Plassey
George III and the Earl of Bute
The Grenville Ministry and the Wilkes Scandal
The Stamp Tax and the American Colonies
Rockingham's Ministry and the Return of Pitt
The Tea Tax and the American Colonies
The John Wilkes Libel Case
Clive's Return to India (1760)
Lord North and the American Revolution
American Revolution - Lexington to Saratoga
France Intervenes in the American Revolution
The American War of Independence
Warren Hastings in India
Haidar Ali and Tippu Sahib
The Oudh Begums and Warren Hastings
Lord North and Lord Shelburne Ministries
Pitt the Younger and the India Bill
Ireland in the 18th Century
Lord Townshend and Ireland
Origins of the Industrial Revolution - 18th century Britain
The Age of Canals and Steam
The Wealth of Nations
18th century Literature
Pitt's Economic Policy
Parliamentary Reform under Pitt
British Foreign Policy and the French Revolution
Cornwallis in India
Britain in Canada and Australia
Beginnings of the Napoleonic Wars
Napoleonic Wars 1794-1796
The Battle of the Nile
India and the Napoleonic Wars
The 1797 Rising in Ireland
The Act of Union with Ireland
The Battle of Trafalgar
Canning and the Napoleonic Wars
The Peninsular War
The End of the Peninsular War
Early 19th century India
The War of 1812
The Battle of Waterloo
The Holy Alliance
Social unrest in Britain 1815-1820
George IV
Canning's Ministry
The Duke of Wellington's Ministry
Catholic Emancipation and Wellington's Ministry
The Reform Bill of 1831
The British Empire 1816-1830
Industrial Conditions in 19th century Britain
The Industrial Age and social reform
Early 19th century Literature