'A History of the British Nation' by AD Innes, 1912, published by TC & EC Jack, London

A History of the British Nation covers the Stuart period from the Accession of James I through the tumult of the English Civil War to the Act of Union under Queen Anne. If you'd like more details on this period, there's more in our main Stuart History guide.

Charles I
The Accession of James I
Early 17th century European Balance of Power
Plots against James I
The Union of Scotland and England under James I
James I and the Divine Right of Kings
The Foreign Policy of James I
The Duke of Buckingham and Sir Francis Bacon
James I and the Spanish Alliance
Charles I and the Duke of Buckingham
The Duke of Buckingham and the Petition of Right
Parliament and the Duke of Buckingham
The Fall of the Duke of Buckingham
Puritanism in 17th century England
Archbishop Laud and the Puritans
Charles I's Conflict with Parliament
Wentworth in Ireland
Charles I and Ship Money
17th century Scotland
James I and the Scottish Parliament
Charles I and the Scottish Parliament
The National Covenant
Charles I and the Short Parliament
Charles I and the Long Parliament
The Grand Remonstrance
Charles I and the split with Parliament
Beginning of the English Civil War
First battles of the Civil War
Oliver Cromwell's Emergence
The New Model Army
The English Civil War and Scotland
The Arrest of Charles I
Cromwell's Army takes over Parliament
The Death of Charles I
Reaction to the Death of Charles I
Oliver Cromwell in Ireland
Charles II in Scotland
Oliver Cromwell in Scotland
The Anglo-Dutch War
The Barebones Parliament
The Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell
Cromwell's Parliament
Penruddock's Rebellion
Cromwell's Second Parliament
Cromwell's Foreign Policy
The End of Cromwell's Commonwealth
General Monk and the Stuart Restoration
The Restoration of Charles II
The Clarendon Code and Savoy Conference
The Foreign Policy of Charles II
The Fall of Clarendon
The Cabal
The Treaty of Dover
The Test Act of Charles II
Tories and Whigs, the beginnings of party politics
Titus Oates and the Popish Plot
The Habeus Corpus Act
The Petitioners and Abhorrers under Charles II
Charles II's Oxford Parliament
Scotland in the Stuart Restoration
The Cameronian Rebellion
The Last Years of Charles II
The Accession of James II
The Monmouth Rebellion
The Fall of James II
James II and the Declaration of Indulgence
William of Orange Prepares to Invade England
The Flight of James II
The Glorious Revolution
William III takes the throne
William III's Comprehension Bill
William III's Policy in Ireland
The Battle of the Boyne and Beyond
William III becomes King of Scotland
The Massacre of Glencoe, Causes and Consequences
The Battle of La Hogue
Parliamentary Reform under William III
Parliamentary Reform under William III, part 2
Plots against William III
William III and the 1699 Parliament
The War of the Spanish Succession
The Act of Settlement (1700)
British Colonial Expansion in the 17th century
Formation of British Colonies overseas
The East India Company
Mercantile Theory and the East India Company
17th century British Finance
17th century Literature and Science
The Rise of the Duke of Marlborough
War of Spanish Succession and the Battle of Blenheim
The Act of Union
The War of Spanish Succession after Blenheim
The Rise of the Whigs under Queen Anne
Queen Anne and the Rise of the Tories