'A History of the British Nation' by AD Innes, 1912, published by TC & EC Jack, London

This is one of the largest sections of A History of the British Nation, covering over 3 centuries from the Norman Conquest to the beginning of the Tudor dynasty under Henry VII. Along the way the book covers all the major political upheavals, but also goes into great depth on social history - what life was like for both rich and poor during the Middle Ages. If you want something written for a more 'modern' readership, there's a lot more information on the medieval period in our main medieval history section.

A medieval abbot
William the Conqueror
Insurrections against William the Conqueror
The Normans and Saxon Law
William the Conqueror and the Church
England After the Norman Conquest
Norman England and Feudalism
Origins of the Domesday Book
William II
Henry I
The Reign of Henry I
King Stephen
Alexander I of Scotland
Henry II
The conflict between Henry II and Thomas a Becket
The Reign of Henry II
The Annexation of Ireland
Richard the Lionheart
King John
King John and the Magna Carta
Henry III
Simon de Montfort
Simon de Montfort's Rebellion
Norman England
Norman Society
Scotland in the Norman Period
Edward I
Edward I Legislation
Edward I and Wales
Edward I and Llywelyn ap Gruffudd
Edward I and the Constitution
Edward I and France
The Lordship of Scotland and Edward I
Edward I and William Wallace
Edward I and Robert the Bruce
Edward I's Policies
Robert the Bruce and Edward II
Edward II and Piers Gaveston
Edward II and the Despensers
England before the Hundred Years War
The Beginnings of the Hundred Years War
The Hundred Years War - the Era of Failures
The Accession of Richard II
Edward III and Parliament
Edward III and the Development of Trade
Edward III and Taxation
England at the Time of the Black Death
Wat Tyler's Rebellion
The Reign of Richard II
The Fall of Richard II
Scotland in the 14th Century
Henry IV
Henry V and Agincourt
Henry V after Agincourt
Joan of Arc
The Regency of Henry VI
The Fall of Henry VI
The Fall of Henry VI, part 2
The Rise of Edward IV
The Reign of Edward IV
The Reign of Richard III
15th Century England
15th Century Scotland
Politics in the Middle Ages
Growth of Nationalism in the Middle Ages
Life in the Middle Ages
The Arts in the Middle Ages
English Literature in the Middle Ages