Dun Telve Broch
Dun Telve Broch

Dun Telve is a very well preserved Iron Age broch standing beside the burn of Abhainn a Ghlnne Bhig on the narrow strip of low-lying land at the bottom of Glen Elg.

The broch stands to over 10 metres in height, despite the fact that many of the stones were robbed for building projects in the 18th century. Near the top of the walls are two scarcements, or ledges, which may have provided support for a conical roof.

The walls of the broch taper inwards towards the top, and within the thickness of the walls are four galleries.

There is evidence of further stone buildings surrounding the broch, but whether these are contemporary with the broch or were a later addition is not clear. Numerous domestic objects found in and around the broch suggest that a sizeable settlement grew up here.

The glen is a magical, scenic place, with steep slopes rising up on either side of the burn. A very short distance east along the Glen Elg road is a second broch known as Dun Troddan.