Borve Castle
Borve Castle

This late 14th-century stronghold stands behind a modern house just off the B892 at the south-west corner of Benbecula, about four miles south of Balivanich. Borve was the home of Ranald of Benbecula and was known locally as Caisteal Raghall (Ranald's castle).

The castle once stood three storeys high, but much is now in ruin. It was in use until well into the 17th century until it was apparently burned to the ground by royalist supporters angered by Clanranald support for the Jacobite cause.

An unsubstantiated local story says that the castle is joined by an underground passage to Teampull Bhuigh, a small church about 500 yards away towards the shore. The Teampull may have been the chapel for Borve Castle.

There is no obvious place to park a car, or any signs, but it is very easy to spot the castle ruins.

There is no apparent way to approach the ruins other than through a farm gate beside the modern houses, then crossing the field behind the houses. I was a bit nervous about going through the gate and across the field as there were no signs, but on the other hand, there were no signs saying do not enter, so I went ahead with caution.