Mortimers Cross Water Mill
Mortimers Cross Water Mill
Mortimers Cross Water Mill is a restored 18th-century mill. The mill is unusual in that it was made to be operated by only one man. The current mill replaced an earlier paper mill.

The mill was operated by the Kevill-Davies family from 1786-1923. It made paper until 1830, and was then converted into a grain mill. From 1870 it principally ground animal feed. The mill fell out of use in the 1940s.

Just 35 metres away are partial remains of old flood control apparatus associated with the old paper mill. The mill is three stories high and uses a wooden middle breast shot wheel with metal paddles.

Near the mill is the Aymestrey Limestone Quarry, which provided the stone from which the mill building is constructed. Surrounding the mill are pretty gardens, a stone weir, and woodland walking trails.

The mill building stands on the River Lugg, just north of the site of the Battle of Mortimers Cross (1461).