These photos are arranged (roughly) in sequence, moving around Tewkesbury Abbey in a counter-clockwise direction from the south door.
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nave vaulting
Looking up the nave. This shot shows the superb 14th century vaulting.
the nave, Tewkesbury Abbey
A close-up view of the nave vaulting
Chancel and screen
The chancel and screen
choir stalls
The choir stalls.
The choir and high altar
Norman pillars
Norman pillars in the nave. Contrast the massive Norman pillars with the more delicate Gothic style of some of the chantry chapels that line the nave.
Lady Chapel
Lady Chapel, north aisle
St Benedict alcove
This little alcove, too small to be truly a lady chapel, is dedicated to St Benedict, whose rule of monastic life the monks of Tewkesbury Abbey followed.

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