Congleton, Cheshire (c) Clive Woolliscroft
Congleton, Cheshire

A small market town in south-east Cheshire, Congleton was once a centre of silk manufacture. There is evidence of ancient habitation, with the nearby Neolithic chambered tomb at Bridestones. There are further barrows at Astbury, Loachbrook, Swettenham, and Somerford.

A more recent structure is the half-timbered medieval hall of Little Moreton Hall, considered one of the finest examples of a medieval house in England.

Congleton has several fascinating ancient ceremonies. Among these is 'The Sweep's Bells', also known as 'St Peter's Chains'. In this ritual, performed on the eve of the feast of St Peter, people dance through the streets of the town with bells strapped to them, to proclaim the upcoming feast day.