Great Hall from the Outer Court
The Great Hall, from the Outer Court
View of the Great Hall
The Great Hall. At the time of construction this great hall supported the second largest roof span in the country (after Westminster Hall). It was a marvel of medieval construction, built to impress and reflect the status of the owner
The Great Hall
Another view of the Great Hall. The lower arcading shows where the undercroft was located. This provided storage, and was lit only by narrow slit windows in the wall.
Great Hall stonework
Worn and weathered sandstone in the Great Hall
Gaunt's Tower
Gaunt's Tower
Gaunt's Tower carving
Detail of carving on the buttress supporting Gaunt's Tower
Saintlowe Tower stairs
Stairs giving access to the Saintlowe Tower. This tower primarily provided accommodation.
View from Saintlowe Tower
Saintlowe Tower looking out to the Great Mere. This tower and the Strong Tower were built by John of Gaunt when he rebuilt the Great Hall in the 14th century.
Strong Tower view
Looking outward from the Strong Tower. The trees in the distance mark the borders of the ancient Forest of Arden.
Window in the Strong Tower
Window in the Strong Tower. This tower was three stories in height and served mainly to provide storage, dining, and accommodation.

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