Winsford Walled Garden
Winsford Walled Garden
A restored Victorian garden with sumptuous colour in summer. Winsford Walled Garden was created in the 1880s, abandoned during WWII, and only restored in the early years of the 21st century.

The walled gardens are all that remains of the Winsford Tower estate. The Tower was torn down in the 1960s and now serves as an angling complex. The walls that shelter the garden stand 14 feet high, and protect a gazebo, pergola, and a pair of 19th-century greenhouses built of teak.

The most unusual features at Winsford are a very large bamboo grove and the teak greenhouses. The bamboo grove is set within old vegetable gardens where you can see giant gunneras and bamboo stalks as high as 40 feet tall.

Clematis climbs the walls, and sinuous paths wind past borders as deep as 40 feet! There are bougainvillaea, dahlia, helenium, salvia, and too much more to list! The garden is at its best in summer.

A display on the history of the garden includes old photos, showing that Winsford had a staff of 30 gardeners at its height.

Note: Winsford Walled Garden has closed. This page will be removed shortly. Please DO NOT make plans to visit.