Garvard Standing Stone
Garvard Standing Stone

Garvard Standing Stone is a solitary standing stone atop a hillock or small mound overlooking The Strand at the southern tip of Colonsay. From the mound there are superb views across to Oronsay, and eastward to Jura and Islay.

The stone is made of whinstone and stands roughly 6.5 feet high (1.7 metres).

The stone is beyond Garvard farm and is visible from the parking area at the end of the road at Garvard, where the trail across the Strand to Oronsay begins.

The current location is probably not the original; it seems possible that the stone fell sometime over a century ago, and was re-erected in its current spot sometime around 1960 by the farmer.

Part of the real impact of Garvard Standing Stone is the location; the views on a sunny summer day are simply fantastic!