Arran Heritage Museum
Arran Heritage Museum
This museum of local history includes a restored blacksmith's shop, a milk house, a late 19th-century cottage, plus an exhibition area of displays of local history and archaeology. There is a footpath to Brodick Castle from the museum.
What to see
The museum is located at Rosaburn, on a site once occupied by a small school. In 1976 a group of historic buildings were converted into a museum of local heritage, covering Arran's geology, archaeology, and social history. See an original bothy, farmhouse, cottage, laundry, stables, coach house, harness room, and croft house.

Exhibitions tell the story of Arran in wartime and take a look at local systems of weights and measures. There is a special section on the devastating Highland Clearances and how they affected island life, as well as a large photo archive to take a glimpse into Arran's past.

Arran Archaeology
The Archaeology Room tells the story of the Clachaig Man, a Neolithic skull discovered in a burial cairn on Arran in 1900. Though the skull itself is at the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow, you can see a complete reconstruction of what he would have looked like, based on the skull remains and computer modelling. In addition, there are finds from Neolithic and Bronze Age sites across the island.

It seems only appropriate that the Heritage Museum has a large section on Geology, for it was here on Arran that James Hutton, the 'Father of Modern Geology' developed his Theory of the Earth, changing how scientists thought about the formation of land masses and geological deposits that shape the Earth as we know it. Hutton studied rock formations at Newton Shore, on the very north eastern tip of the island, and developed a new theory of 'unconformity' based on how different layers showed evidence of erosion and others showed the formation of mountain renewal.

But you don't have to be a geologist to enjoy the museum! The cluster of restored authentic buildings, crammed with objects from everyday life, offer a glimpse into life on the island. There are also special events, such as craft days, and tractor rallies, as well as a cafe and shop selling local crafts and produce.