One of the real gems among Oxfordshire churches, St Mary's Bloxham makes an immediate impression with its lovely tower and spire dominating the main road through the village from Chipping Norton to Banbury. The origins of the church lie in the 13th century, but most of what remains is 14th and 15th century. The Milcombe Chapel features some excellent memorials and a very fine 16th century wall painting
A traditional local rhyme says

Adderbury for length
Bloxham for strength
Kings Sutton for beauty

I think Bloxham gets a bit of 'bad press' in this rhyme; it is every bit as beautiful as Kings Sutton (in my view it outshines Kings Sutton and matches Adderbury in the wealth of detailed carved figures adorning both the interior and exterior of the church). The rood screen is richly decorated and the wall paintings well worth a look.
Church Exterior - Church Interior
See photos of the interior for some lovely column capitals, Norman door, and painted medieval screen.
Bloxham St Marys
St Mary's Bloxham. The church seems to tower over the main road, reaching 198 feet in heght. The tower is early 14th century
Carved head south porch
A fairly unpleasant looking chap, found to the right of the south door.
Gargoyle, Bloxham St Mary's
Last Judgement carving west door
Relief carving, above the west door. These carvings are thought to represent The Last Judgement.
West Door, Bloxham
The west door is ringed with carved figures
Last Judgement carving
Carved figure, west door

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