Kings and Scribes - Decoding the Stones Gallery
Kings and Scribes - Decoding the Stones Gallery

King's and Scribes: The Birth of a Nation is an exhibition tracing the rich history of Winchester Cathedral through displays of sculpture, woodwork and metalwork dating back over 1100 years. This spectacular exhibition occupies three levels in the south transept of Winchester Cathedral, one of Britain's most remarkable and historically important buildings.

There are for distinct galleries to explore in the exhibition. Let's go through them each in turn:

A Scribe's Tale

The chief treasure of the exhibition is the 12th-century Winchester Bible, a richly illuminated book, which stands as one of the finest medieval manuscripts still in existence. The Bible took over 20 years for a team of artists to illustrate, though it seems that a single scribe was responsible for copying the text.

A Scribe's Tale tells the story of how the Winchester Bible was made and why.

Kings and Scribes - The Morley Library
Kings and Scribes - The Morley Library

The Birth of a Nation

Explore the fascinating history of Winchester and its role in early English history. This gallery focusses on the Cathedral's collection of Saxon mortuary chests and what they tell us about early Saxon kingdoms.

Decoding the Stones

This gallery reveals the rich and sometimes violent history of Winchester Cathedral itself, how it was made and what life was like for the craftspeople who laboured to build it. But more than just a look into the past, this gallery ties in the role of modern restoration experts and compares it to their medieval predecessors.

The Mezzanine and Morley Library

This gallery includes space for temporary exhibits with objects from the cathedral's archives. You can also enjoy the 17th-century Morley Library and its historically important collection of early books and manuscripts.

Kings and Scribes is a part of Winchester Cathedral and entry is included in the cathedral admission. The exhibition is fully accessible.

Photos are (c) Winchester Cathedral and are used by permission

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