Colour Experience
Colour Experience
An educational project of the Society of Dyers and Colourists, the museum is divided into two galleries. The World of Colour looks at the physical properties of colour, (and why a colour looks different to different people, and different again to animals). The Colour and Textiles Gallery traces the history and technology of textile dyeing and printing all the way back to ancient Egypt. Fascinating stuff.
The Colour Experience, originally known as The Colour Museum, is part museum and part education outreach, with a particular focus on helping school groups learn more about the science behind light and colour.


Since this article was first written, the museum focus has changed and it is now focussed primarily on education, with admission only to pre-booked groups. Though the focus is educational, there's no reason an interested group of any age couldn't book admission, and the museum welcomes adult community groups! The manager has said they welcome all visitors; just contact the museum in advance so they can ensure someone is on hand for your visit.

For school groups the Experience aims to meet STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) requirements for students from nursery level to university. The specialist facilities help learning the science of light and colour entertaining and engaging for anyone.

The Experience goes beyond theoretical learning to make light and colour more interesting for visitors of all ages. There are sessions focussed on medieval heraldry, batik, tie-dyeing, visual illusions, colour theory, printing, and Ancient Egyptians. Learn about the history of natural and synthetic dyes, and the fascinating science behind glow sticks. There are interactive exhibits and hands-on demonstration illustrating basic concepts of light science.

Again a reminder - please contact the museum in advance to arrange a visit!