Blackfriars from the River Stour

Blackfriars consists of the remains of a 13th-century friary on the banks of the River Stour. Blackfriars was founded around 1237 by Dominican monks, whose black surcoat gave them the popular monicker 'Black Friars'.

Henry III granted the Black Friars land on an island in the River Stour. Here they built their new friary. There are only two buildings of the friary remaining; the guest hall and the former rectory, which is now used by Kings College art centre.

Blackfriars from Mill Lane
Blackfriars from Mill Lane

The guest hall is best seen from St Peters Lane or The Friars, but one of the most enjoyable ways to view the Blackfriar's rectory is by taking a boat trip along the river. Regular trips leave from the Old Weavers House on St Peters Street during the summer months.