The Great Hall is where the business and social gatherings of the guild were held. The chamber is strikingly wide, built on a double bay plan, with a wonderful timber framed structure supporting the roof above. Look for black marks on the timber uprights caused by candles used for lighting during the Middle Ages. The green Governor's Stall was moved here during the Georgian period from the Assize Court at York Castle. The fireplace, in a similar green colour to the Governor's Stall, was added in the 16th century.

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Great Hall
The Great Hall. The fireplace was added in the 16th century.
Great Hall
The Great Hall. This view shows the superb timbering. Medieval carpenters marks can still be seen on the timbers.
Governors Stall
The 18th century Governor's Stall. This structure originally stood in the York Assize Court.

Detail of one of the timber supports of the Great Hall, showing the blackening caused by candles used during the medieval period.
Great Hall
Detail of medieval timber set into the wall of the Great Hall

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