Porfell Wildlife Park
Porfell Wildlife Park
Porfell is the largest rare animal sanctuary in Cornwall, offering 15 acres of wild, exotic and domestic animals in a countryside setting. Enjoy woodland walks, animal petting and hand-feeding areas.

The Park is home to quite a variety of wild and domesticated animals, from the familiar to the exotic. Over 250 animals call Porfell home. The resident animals come here from a variety of situations; some were injured, some simply abandoned by owners, others were imported illegally into the UK.

The Animals

Porfell has been designed to create an 'un-zoo' environment, where animal areas are designed for their own special needs. The whole concept is to provide a living attraction, where visitors can get close to animals, pet and feed them, and generally gain a better appreciation of the various species. The concept can be summed up in three words; education, conservation, and entertainment.

Not all animals come from endangered species, though some do, like the Black lemurs. Other favourite animals include zebra, capybara, coatis, owls, ring-tailed lemurs and brown lemurs. See family favourites like the meerkats, monkeys, and giant leopard tortoises.

Though most of the animals at Porfell are mammals, there are also birds to enjoy, such as the colourful macaws and kookaburras. These are just a few highlight species, there are always new animals arriving!


Other features at Porfell include an area of ancient woodlands, where boardwalks take you deep into a natural world of ash, oak, beech, and coppiced alder and willow. Learn about the species of trees, plants, and animals that make their home here.

Maasai Village

One of the newest areas is a replica of a Maasai village, showing ow animals and humans coexist in Africa's Great Rift Valley. Traditional Maasai huts were built with traditional tools and materials, and huts hold typical Maasai clothing, crafts, and displays on the tribe's cultural heritage.

Zebra, ostrich, and eland wander freely around and through the village, just as they do in the Maasai's homeland. The purpose of this village area is to show first-hand how the Maasai respect and live in harmony with the natural world.